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Tailor-made conventions and events


We are experience makers!

Organization and planning of Conventions and Mass Events, Congresses, Conferences, Incentives, Entertainment, Live shows, Opening ceremonies.

All-in-one Event Management Solution

For more than 20 years, Devital has been offering its clients the advantage of a one-stop solution for all activities, guaranteeing qualified advice, creativity, precision, reliability in logistics services and a dedicated team for a turnkey event.
  • Sponsor research
  • Strategic analysis
  • Event format design
  • Content conception and development
  • Travel
  • Hospitality and catering
  • Location selection
  • Scenography and installations
  • Communication project
  • Invitations and client management
  • Emotional videos
  • Budget management

Our key features

Promotion and sponsor research: integration with social media to create shared value and build community

Personalization, engagement and experience value: creating ‘moments’ through meaningful and valuable exchanges and experiences.

Sustainability: CSR projects with local communities for team building activities; adoption of a more responsible behavior, attentive to environment and health

Choice of unique destinations: original, breathtaking, and spectacular destinations, off the beaten track, capable of stimulating curiosity, new paradigms and new ideas

Short planning times and flexibility: dynamic event scheduling, coupled with a value proposition

I nostri servizi per gli eventi

The art of making the event memorable

Unique conventions. Created on specific objectives and well-defined targets, the initiatives can involve testimonials, key speakers in various areas (art, science, sport, entertainment ...) and take place in impactful locations to ensure the experience is engaging, entertaining and stands out.
  • Congresso Avvocati Roma
  • Organizzazione evento arte
  • Evento aziendale
  • Evento Expo Dubai
  • Location Palazzo Colonna
  • Location Terrazza Palazzo Colonna
  • Organizzazione Congresso Milano
  • Organizzazione Convention Roma