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Experience and innovation
to develop unique formats


Every year we train over 5,000 healthcare professionals

Devital has garnered a significant success in organizing events which couple education in “classic” technical or clinical subject and in the development of new relational skills, pivotal in helping doctors grow from a professional perspective and in building constructive therapeutic alliances with their patients.

Projects are managed in all of the:ir aspects, ranging from the initial planning, to the execution and supervision of all activities

  • Selection of engaging techniques, depending on the target
  • Development of scientific contents and relative material
  • Selection and management of the scientific board, the project coordinator, opinion leaders and speakers
  • Management of legal, fiscal and logistic aspects

Educational projects and courses

Devital's projects and courses stand out for a psychological-educational approach which involves the devlopment of interactive formats based on effective engagement strategies. We couple medical knowledge with a humanistic approach to promote a scientific update and professional soft skills: a propensity to communicate, to interact and to privilege team efforts.
Finally, we implement training curricula which combine classroom education with clinical applications (from theory to practice).

Congresses and Conventions

As planning manager for important research hospitals and scientific institutes, Devital organizes congresses, conventions and educational events. Each phase of such events is carefully managed: the economic quantification and the search for sponsors; the promotion of the event and support to the press office and the scientific secretariat in managing the faculty; the preparation, both in terms of reception and technology, of the location and the registration and management of participants.

National and international internships

For those who seek to improve their knowledge and experience in management, diagnostic, therapeutical and patient care, Devital organizes national and international internships, encouraging a direct interaction with experts in highly specialized fields. Such plans are also pivotal in developing a professional network and help to exchange best practices which lead to a continuous improval in patient management.

Il team Devital eroga formazione medica

Delivery methods

Depending on the specific goals, the target and the size of the served area, Devital can deliver its courses in several manners.

Classroom education

Thanks to multimedia classrooms and the use of interactive tools to manage and simulate clinic cases, brainstorming sessions, diagnostic-therapeutic scenarios and much more, Devital can ensure efficient and fulfilling experiences.

Field training

Thanks to its strong expertise in Field training, Devital can actively involve health professionals and patients in a learning path focused on improving the interactions between the former and the latter, whilst optimizing clinic outcomes by operating within the real context with the support of ad hoc platforms or apps.

Long-distance education

Taking full advantage of distance learning benefits, Devital develops innovative, dynamic and interactive courses which demolish the usual space-time barriers of traditional educational techniques and offer learners complete autonomy in their choice of where and when they can dedicate their time to the courses.

Formazione per medici e professionisti della salute


Digital Learning

Tools for medical knowledge

Thanks to its experience in training and its capacity to grasp medical, scientific and technological innovations, Devital's offer exploits state-of-the-art tools to achieve its educational goals. Our courses can also include complex branched scenarios, laden with digital elements bound to engross learners.

E-learning solutions take advantage not only of of augmented reality, interactive videos and animated graphics, but also of podcasts, audio/video solutions, step-by-step tutorials, cartoons, avatars, etc. Additionally, live events such as webinars, web conferences and virtual classrooms can be organized.

CME Provider

The delivery of Continual Medical Education courses is Devital's core business.

  • Value Based Medicine nella terapia della sclerosi multipla | Corso ECM medici
  • La Prosiasi ai tempi del Covid-19 il percepito del paziente - Corso ECM
  • Pso-Talk | Corso formazione ECM Psoriasi
  • Medicina Legale Ginecologia post Covid-19 - Corso ECM
  • Benessere Vaginale | Corso ECM farmacisti
  • Dermatologia Reumatologia Covid-19 | Corso ECM
  • EHA POST CONGRESS: il valore del confronto
  • Scenari della Telemedicina - Corso ECM
  • Webinar Home Care & PSP : i fattori di successo
  • Coronavirus e Telemedicina - La gestione dei pazienti a distanza - Corso ECM

Scientific Committee

Pasquale Perrone Filardi

Surgeon, Specialist in Cardiology and e Internal Medicine - Associate Professor in Cardiovascular diseases - University of Naples - “Federico II”. Head of the school of specialization in Cardiovascular diseases, “Federico II” University  of Naples

Stefano Veraldi

Medical doctor and surgeon, Specialist in dermatology and venereology - Associate Professor - Department of medical and surgical physiopathology and of transplants - University of Milan – IRCCS Cà Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico di Milano Foundation

Franco Vicariotto

Medical doctor and surgeon, Specialista in Obstetrics e Ginecology - Aggregated specialist consultant for the Humanitas Hospital - S. Pio X in Milan and consultant for the Department of vulvovaginal pathologies at the Buzzi Hospital in Milan - University of Milan

Guido Bracchetti

Dentist, Specialist in Dentistry and dental prostheses, dental practitioner (Milan)

Anna Brambilla

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, practitioner (Milan)

Pietro De Vita

Pharmacist, Head of pharmacy

Veronica Johow

Biologist, Specialist in medical and scientific communication