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Solutions tailored to
The needs of the individual

The Healthcare Hub

The HUB is the first reality in Italy to enact a 5.0 Healthcare model. It is not a container of services, but an integrated structure which delibers healthcare and social services, combining innovation and inclusion of the individual thanks to:

  • development of innovative technologies 
  • big data
  • High level of connectivity
  • empowerment

The HUB operates with a composite and integrated which derives from a pool of coherent professionalities, services and technologies.

Home Care

Devital's Home Care services are studied specifically for elderly or disabled patients and are constituted by an ordered set of healthcare activities and social interventions aimed at assisting, rehabilitating and curing individuals at their own homes.

Patient Support Programs

Devital's Patient Support Programs (PSP) include the conception and managing of a structured system of house services and digital solutions to satisfy patients' needs during their recovery and to support doctors in managing chronic conditions in order to increase compliance on behalf of patients and, as a consequence, their quality of life

Home care E PSP
Hub della salute

An integrated structure delivering healthcare and social services

The Healthcare Hub is a pool of professionalities, services and technologies which are united in a synergic fashion with the common goal of providing a unique key for each individual to enact those prevention, cure and assistance proceses which may enable them to attain a full condition of health and well-being from all perspectives.