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The Hub aspires to enact person-centredness in prevention, integrated care, and treatment to accelerate the transition to value-based health.

The Hub is the first reality in the Italian panorama that makes the Health Model 5.0 operational. A holistic system focused on a change of cultural, scientific, and organizational paradigm.

An integrated structure that provides health and social services and combines innovation with human touch thanks to:

  • Development of new technologies
  • Collection of big data
  • High level of connectivity
  • Empowerment

Home Care

We allow persons managing chronic health issues, recovering from a medical setback, or having special needs or a disability to receive the care they need at home.

Care is customized to the individual needs and the scope of the service can be preventive, acute, rehabilitative, or palliative in kind.

Patient Support Programs

As an integrated structure we carry out all stages and activities of PSPs, from project inception and planning through to implementation and handover. We involve the expert patients and/or patients associations in the design of the programmes and the supporting assets. We can identify maps in the patient journey and gaps in meeting patient needs, we can determine which services are most valued by collecting feedback from them. Our holistic platform-based approach not only include a mobile or a website patient interface but is also built on a cloud-based platform that integrates and allows a seamless flow of information across many stakeholders. We develop and implement project-specific app, we perform comprehensive data management and statistical analysis.
Home care E PSP
Hub della salute

The Hub provides technology intensive healthcare services, combining humanization and innovation, to ensure the effective centrality of each individual and his care and life project.
The Hub’s multidisciplinary and multidimensional offer is based on an integrated chain of professionals, services, and technologies.