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Corporate welfare

Our health expertise for your employees

Devital’s corporate welfare proposals are based on its consolidated experience in educating healthcare professionals.

Enriching the relationship between enterprises and their employees, the Devital Prevention and Health Promotion Project encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyles thanks to internal sensibilization campaigns and educational initiatives aimed at improving employees’ physical and psychological wellness through the concept of “personalized” prevention.


Provider ECM Milano

Preliminary activities

Analysis of educational needs

The proposal encompasses a broad range of topics, selected wither by the company itself or through Devital’s surveys aimed at identifying those subjects which employees are mostly interested in.


Activities are programmed within a thematic calendar based on the aforementioned topics of interest.

The path

  • Awareness: employees are involved through sensibilization campaigns
  • Education: qualified educational initiatives promote the adoption of healthy lifestyles and enhance the sense of belonging in the company
  • Screening/counselling: personalized prevention and support tools monitor employees’ health and support them in acquiring self-awareness and motivation.


About us

Devital is a certified CME provider, based in Milan.

Its competence is the result of over 50 years in the healthcare sector and 20 in the field of professional education.