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CME education

The organization of CME courses in medicine are Devital’s core business.

As CME provider, Devital has obtained a significant success in organizing events which couple education in “classic” technical or clinical subject and in the development of new relational skills, pivotal in helping doctors grow from a professional perspective and in building constructive therapeutic alliances with their patients. CME projects are managed in all of their aspects, ranging from the initial planning, to the execution and supervision of all activities.

Provider ECM Milano

CME projects are managed in all of their aspects, ranging from the initial planning, to the execution and supervision of all activities:

  • Selection of engaging techniques, depending on the target
  • Development of scientific contents and relative material
  • Selection and management of the scientific board, the project coordinator, opinion leaders and speakers
  • Management of legal, fiscal and logistic aspects

Classroom education

Thanks to multimedia classrooms and the use of interactive tools to manage and simulate clinic cases, brainstorming sessions, diagnostic-therapeutic scenarios and much more, Devital can ensure efficient and fulfilling experiences.

Field education

Thanks to its strong expertise in Field education, Devital can actively involve health professionals and patients in a learning path focused on improving the interactions between the former and the latter, whilst optimizing clinic outcomes by operating within the real context with the support of ad hoc platforms or apps.

Long-distance education

Taking full advantage of distance learning benefits, Devital develops innovative, dynamic and interactive courses which demolish the usual space-time barriers of traditional educational techniques and offer learners complete autonomy in their choice of where and when they can dedicate their time to the courses.

Event organization

Congresses – conventions

As organizing secretary for IRCCS (i.e. hospitals with a particular emphasis on scientific research) and scientific societies, Devital organizes congresses, conventions and educational events. Devital takes care of each phase: the economic quantification of the project, the search and management of sponsors, the advertisement of the event, support to the press office, the constitution of a scientific secretary, the management of the faculty, furnishing and equipping classrooms, inviting and managing participants.

National and international internships

Aimed at helping learners to enrich their experience in organization, diagnostic, therapeutic and assistance fields, Devital’s national and international internships encourage the interaction with renown experts in highly specialized contexts. Such courses are propaedeutic to the development of professional networks and the exchange of best practices which lead to a constant improvement in the management of patients.

About us

Devital is a certified CME provider, based in Milan.

Its competence is the result of over 50 years in the healthcare sector and 20 in the field of professional education.