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Corporate social responsibility

Devital’s initiatives for the territory

Tailor-made initiatives aimed at improving the population’s sensibility to healthcare and environmentally sustainable behaviours in order to improve the relationship between companies and the context they operate in.


Provider ECM Milano

Public awareness campaigns

Developed in partnership with institutions and experts, Devital’s awareness initiatives concerning healthcare and prevention identify those media which can be used in order to maximize the diffusion of contents or services which hold a high value for the target.


Multichannel communication initiatives

Exploiting the most apt communication media, Devital proposes information/formation projects, which include the use of tools such as: direct e-mails to diffuse scientific messages in a capillary fashion; articles with video-interviews to experts concerning scientific subjects of interest; surveys to understand the educational needs of the target.


About us

Devital is a certified CME provider, based in Milan.

Its competence is the result of over 50 years in the healthcare sector and 20 in the field of professional education.