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Three souls, one company: CME, Welfare, CSR

The over 20 years as a CME provider and the interdisciplinarity of the experts which make up the team ensure that Devital is the ideal partner for the design and execution of events based on the specific educational requirements of the intended targets: healthcare professionals, employees or patients’ relatives.

Effective engagement strategies, coupled with a rigorous applied in our ideation and execution processes, allow us to obtain measurable results as an indicator of a continuous improvement.

Our ethical code and third-party certifications grant the quality of our processes.


Devital’s Ethical Code, written as part of the organization, management and control model according to Italian law (D.Lgs 231/01), define in a clear and transparent fashion the set of values the company aspires to in order to achieve its goals. Every executive and employee is obliged to apply such principles within the scope of their activity.

Modello di Organizzazione Gestione e Controllo D.Lgs 231/01


In 2003, Devital adhered to ISO’s guidelines, implementing a management system focused on constantly improving its business processes.

Its continuous possession of an ISO 9001 certification testifies the company’s commitment to improve its services on a constant basis, in order to satisfy its clients.

Documento di Certificazione ISO 9001

Provider ECM Milano


About us

Devital is a certified CME provider, based in Milan.

Its competence is the result of over 50 years in the healthcare sector and 20 in the field of professional education.